How Many Carbon Credits Do I Need?

Offsetting everyday activities takes fewer credits than you think, at less cost than you might expect.

Below are three ways to calculate how many credits you might need to offset common activities, from most general (quickest!) to most precise (requiring a little more time and effort to calculate).

1) Use this table of general averages:

While we’re in beta, we’re working on these averages and will add them as we calculate them. Two important caveats: 1) They are very broad averages and 2) Links to our “show your work” calculations detailing how we arrived at these numbers will soon follow.

CategoryItemCredits required to offsetCost (assuming $10/credit)
Auto1 year of car use, commuter7$70
Auto1 year of car use, working from home4$40
AutoRoadtrip, per 1,000 miles1$10
EntertainmentFilm or TV location shoot, per dayComing soonComing soon
EntertainmentLive performance, per 100 audience membersComing soonComing soon
EventConference (travel, lodging and event), per 100 attendeesComing soonComing soon
EventLocal meetup, per 100 attendeesComing soonComing soon
HouseholdTotal household offset for 1 year, per household member25$250
ShippingDomestic packageComing soonComing soon
ShippingInternational packageComing soonComing soon
Travel7-day cruiseComing soonComing soon
TravelDomestic round-trip airline ticket1$10
TravelInternational round-trip airline ticket3$30
TravelReunion (travel, lodging and event), per attendeeComing soonComing soon

2) Use a carbon offset calculator

There are many to choose from. See an overview of available carbon credit offset calculators on this blog post: Guide to Online Carbon Emissions Calculators.

3) Work with a carbon footprint consultant

A consultant who is an expert in carbon footprinting can help guide you when you have a more complex activity you want to offset, or want more precision in your offset calculations. Evergreen Carbon is our recommended consultant and you can contact them directly to get the process started.

The case for rounding up

If you’re pleasantly surprised by how inexpensive it is to buy carbon credits to offset everyday activities, we invite you to round up a bit. Offset your family, your neighbors, your company, your past years. We have one planet. These projects are helping. Thanks to your purchase of carbon credits to help fund them, you are too.