Let’s Go Programs

EcoSoul’s Let’s Go programs are guided by the premise that action is more important than exactitude, and that there’s enough data in the field to credibly estimate the climate impact of member companies using broad criteria (such as company type and size) and a limited set of climate-impactful variables (such as physical space footprint and business travel). Let’s Go programs get you on the path to the action quickly. 

Our specific Let’s Go programs:

Let’s Go Assessment

EcoSoul’s Let’s Go assessment offers a simple calculator that allows companies to quickly and easily establish a baseline carbon footprint. The data gathering overhead is minimal and the results are straightforward. The calculation uses inputs such as company type, employee headcount, office space square footage, and estimated business travel. With this information the Let’s Go calculator estimates the footprint using widely accepted generation carbon rates – grounded in research from institutions such as the EPA and University of Michigan – for things such as air travel and electricity, among others.

Employee Carbon Offset Benefit Program

Using the average annual carbon footprint of a U.S. person of 16 metric tonnes (source 1, 2, 3) as a basis, the employee carbon offset benefit program offers an opportunity for employers to underscore their climate commitment and provide a differentiating employee benefit in the process. Learn more about the employee offset benefit program. 

Group Offsets Purchase

One of the challenges facing small and medium organizations that are trying to supplement their carbon footprint reductions with carbon offsets is that the minimum purchase quantity for gold standard, registered carbon offsets is 10,000 credits (each credit representing 1 ton of carbon being offset). Assuming a price of $15 per credit (the low end of the price scale), this tallies to $150,000, a sum that is not feasible for most companies. One of the services that EcoSoul provides is the ability to work with its members to organize group purchases of carbon offsets.

Climate Policies

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel with your organizational climate policies, and our “off the shelf” selection of policies covering such things as travel policies, communication policies and banking policies save you a ton of time and carry the assurance that they’re from a vetted source.