EcoSoul programs are available to our members, typically small and medium sized organizations (and individuals) who have committed to sharing resources and insights to take action on the climate crisis within their organizations and beyond. Learn more about membership. 

All our programs are designed to help you assess your carbon impact, pursue its reduction over time, and mitigate what remains.

Our programs fall into two categories, Let’s Go programs and Deep Dive programs.

Let’s Go

Let’s Go programs are guided by the premise that action outranks exactitude, and that there’s enough data in the field to credibly estimate the climate impact of member companies using broad criteria (such as company type and size) and a limited set of climate-impactful variables (such as physical space footprint and business travel). Let’s Go programs get you on the path to the action quickly. 

Learn more about our Let’s Go programs.

Deep Dive

Some companies, whether by virtue of industry or culture, require a deeper, more precise accounting of their climate impact and its change over time. Deep Dive programs take more time and expense to get to the action phase, but the result will be a sharper-focus view of the results. 

Learn more about our Deep Dive programs.