Lead in Climate

Is this you?

Your organization wants to lead in climate, but the initiative has stalled.

You recognize the climate crisis as the issue of our time. Your small or medium organization is committed to being a positive force for climate impact. However, you’ve since discovered, perhaps even after an energetic kickoff, that the path forward is far from clear. 

You have likely encountered one or more of these obstacles: 

  • You paid for an expensive ($20k – $30k) carbon footprint assessment and didn’t know what to do next
  • You surveyed the field of possible solutions to help you move forward, but found them fractured and unclear 
  • You’re concerned about your organization’s good intentions resulting in blowback from accusations of greenwashing or associations with unproven programs
  • You kicked off a climate impact initiative with high levels of initial enthusiasm, then got too busy with day-to-day business to sustain the effort
  • The necessary organizational resources to succeed – budget, time and authority – aren’t there yet, and won’t be until someone makes a structured case for them
  • You assumed that the effort would be too costly 
  • You’re wary of “net zero” claims made with little evident backing and don’t want to follow the same path
  • You’re still at the “intent” phase and are unsure of where to go next

For small and medium organizations without dedicated sustainability departments, these problems are particularly acute. We offer a solution: EcoSoul Partners, a cooperative climate community that brings organizations like yours together to share resources, share insights, take sustainable action and share that with the world. You can lead in climate. Learn more about our programs and tools, or sign up for membership and let’s go.