We are a cooperative climate community, and thus a member-based organization. 

What binds our members together is a commitment to lead in climate and recognition that combating the climate crisis demands we work together, sharing knowledge, insights, programs and tools. There’s no unicorn hero coming to save us from the climate crisis. It’s up to us. To succeed, we need to band together and bring our best. 

Member Benefits

  • Initial Let’s Go assessment for your organization
  • Initial climate impact dashboard with reduction and offset plan / recommendations
  • Climate policies and programs available for your use
  • Membership in the EcoSoul Partners Slack community – extends to anyone in your organization who would like to participate
  • Monthly member meetings to share climate impact news, tips, challenges and plans – extends to anyone in your organization who would like to participate
  • Marketing support – badges to promote your climate impact engagement with EcoSoul, suggested language for website, social media, sales and recruiting contexts, featured post on the EcoSoul blog

Membership Fees

Membership fees are a function of your company size, as follows:

RevenueMonthly membership
Under $1MM$100 / month
$1MM – $10MM$350 / month
$10MM – $25MM$1,250 / month
$25MM – $50MM$2,500 / month
$50MM – $100MM$5,000 / month
> $100MMInquire
Individual$35 / month

You are free to pay monthly or annually. An annual term will include a 10% discount. All memberships are auto-renewed until canceled.

Who’s In?

See our team of founding members in EcoSoul Partners. Our founding members are characterized by a recognition of the urgency the climate crisis, a bias to action, and a commitment to help us navigate the early-days challenges we expect to encounter along the way. We’re still building our founding members team and hope to add your organization to this list soon.

Ready? Let’s Go!

To inquire about joining EcoSoul Partners, email us at