Solutions for Business

For businesses, nonprofits and other organizations seeking to start making a material difference in helping to combat the climate crisis, we offer the following solutions.

Carbon Offsets as an Employee Benefit

Leading-edge, values-aligned benefits programs are markers of highly sought after “talent magnet” companies. Here’s a benefit that will capture the attention of current and prospective employees: A personal carbon offset benefit. Offsetting each employee’s individual carbon footprint as part of your benefits program costs less than you might expect and is exceptionally simple to implement.

Learn more about how to use Carbon Credit Cart to offer carbon offsets as an employee benefit.

Carbon Offsets of Business Activities

Determining the carbon footprint of your business entails more homework, but is well worth the effort. We work with leading carbon offset consultants to gauge the carbon footprint of your business, then offer our platform as a convenient means to purchase the carbon credits to get in balance.

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