3 Bits – A Green Start to 2024

3 Bits periodically provides three bite-sized items of interest about climate news.

1. Gotcha Covered

Regenerative soil practices, such as growing cover crops, are demonstrating tangible benefits. A recent study by the American Farmland Trust concluded several key benefits from the use of cover crops. Specifically, the farm used for the case study experienced crop yield increases of 15% and 10% for corn and soybeans, respectively; a $16/acre reduction in the use of pesticides; and a 50% reduction in the use of lime for plant nutrition. Overall, the farm achieved a 70% ROI from its use of cover crops. (Source: American Farmland Trust)

2. A Giant Reemerges

The giant anteater was last seen in the Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, over 100 years ago. Once present in all 27 states, it has been threatened by extinction due to habitat loss, driven by deforestation, agricultural expansion, and hunting. Earlier this year, an anteater was spotted by a biologist reviewing wildlife camera footage. The re-emergence of this long-nosed critter is credited to the work of Rewilding Argentina and Tompkins Conservation, organizations committed to “rewilding” at risk species. See the anteater in action here. (Source: Discover Wildlife

3. Faster than the Speed of Change

According to LinkedIn’s recent Jobs on the Rise survey, listing the top 25 fastest-growing roles in the United States over the last 5 years, the #5 job is that of Sustainability Analyst. As noted in the article, “more than two-thirds (68%) of this year’s Jobs on the Rise didn’t even exist 20 years ago”. The position’s rise highlights the urgency, interest, and importance in corporate America to commit to sustainability action.  (Source: LinkedIn News)