3 Bits – Music To My Ears

3 Bits periodically provides three bite-sized items of interest about climate news.

1. Sustainable Sets

Last month, the O2 arena in London unveiled the world’s first “carbon-removed” concert series with The 1975. The venue nearly eliminated single-use plastic, banned beef from concessions menus, and made infrastructure improvements to reduce energy usage. Remaining emissions from travel and the performance were covered by the show organizer, AEG, via carbon removal investments with CUR8. While live music remains a carbon intensive source of joy for many, the recent shows at the O2 present us with an interesting alternative and middle ground to consider. (Source: Sustainability / Beat)

2. Now Wait a Minute!

Across the Pacific Northwest, native species and entire wetland ecosystems are returning, to lands once repurposed for farming. The cause? Underground seed banks and time. These meccas of native plants, which have existed for time immemorial, exist feet below compacted soil, chemical buildup from fertilizers, and invasives. They are re-emerging with the help of water (flooding), fire (prescribed burns), and most importantly time. “Tribal people, we think decades ahead, seven generations ahead” mentions an interviewee; a mentality which is imperative to thoughtful land restoration. (Source: High Country News)

3. Solar, with a Side of Livestock

In Texas, solar is gaining ground. With the most utility-scale solar capacity of any state in the union, Texas is building out their renewable grid, and many solar developers are partnering with farmers to do so. Incorporating solar on grazing farmland, also known as agrivoltaics, is known to improve soil quality, provide shade for livestock, and increase carbon sequestration in the soil. It also enables solar developers to reduce costs through partnerships with landowners, while avoiding installation on land that is in high demand for other uses. (Source: American Farmland Trust)