Carbon Credit Cart Is Becoming EcoSoul Partners

In the coming months, you’ll see the evolution of Carbon Credit Cart into a new entity that reflects a broader focus on climate impact solutions: EcoSoul Partners.

The driver? Since the launch of Carbon Credit Cart in 2020, we’ve learned a few things:

  1. Carbon credits as a standalone solution are not the way out of the climate crisis. However, in the broader context of efforts to turn one’s climate impact in a positive direction, they remain an essential “close the gap” tool on the path to net zero.
  2. Small and medium organizations want to be a force for positive climate impact, but have seen their efforts frustrated by confusion, entropy and false starts. (Larger organizations typically have teams dedicated to climate impact issues.)
  3. Society’s dominant paradigm for problem solving in recent years has been what we call the “Unicorn Hero”: tech-driven, billionaire-minting, single-source solutions that run on utopian dreams and exhaust broken promises. Bring even a hint of that model near an issue as existential as planetary survival, and people get wary, fast. The climate crisis demands a different, more cooperative approach.

Enter EcoSoul Partners. At its core, EcoSoul is a cooperative climate community: a membership organization for small and medium organizations (and individuals) committed to banding together to combat the climate crisis. Carbon Credit Cart remains an essential tool to serve this goal, but now as part of a broader EcoSoul climate impact toolkit. 

EcoSoul members get:

  • Climate impact / carbon emission assessments (generalized by industry and company size, with options for further customization), both historical and forward looking
  • A web-based dashboard to track your organization’s carbon impact and its improvement over time
  • Access to vetted climate programs and policy playbooks (e.g. how to implement an employee carbon offset benefit)
  • A communications toolkit including digital badges and templates conveying your organization’s commitment to climate impact for use in your website, social media, press releases, proposals and other channels
  • Membership in the EcoSoul community: Slack community, monthly meetings, email lists
  • Access to experts with decades of technical experience in the climate field
  • The opportunity to participate in group purchases of carbon credits with other EcoSoul members to achieve better project access and bulk pricing
  • For smaller volumes, discounted carbon credits on Carbon Credit Cart

Another discovery from our years in the climate space drives these programs: There’s no need to reinvent the wheel for each individual organization. We can learn from each other, and that manifests in verifiable off-the-shelf programs that get your organization from “analysis paralysis” mode to “let’s go” mode right away.

The climate crisis can’t wait, and neither can we. To inquire about becoming a founding member of EcoSoul, contact us.