Not All Carbon Offset Projects Are Created Equal

Carbon Credit Cart provides carbon credits that are developed using proven scientific approaches to their carbon offset projects, including the rigorous project protocols and methodologies used to determine carbon offsets. This is Carbon Credit Cart’s commitment to quality and to ensuring that all projects we feature will provide bona fide benefits for the planet.

Today, more than ever, it’s important to know the whole story, to determine what is true and accurate. Perhaps due to zealousness or an urgency to address climate change, some programs in the wider carbon markets may be over-anxious to balance the environmental scales by stretching the truth, overselling the rigor of their methodologies, using unvetted science, and reaching for a quick fix.

It takes research and multi-stakeholder engagement to create a science-based carbon offset protocol. For instance, to reduce methane emissions at a dairy farm, one of the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change, a project developer must understand the data around past and current methane emissions and follow industry best practices for determining the true and defensible offset tonnage for that initiative. Failure to use solid methodologies and independent third-party oversight can lead to mismanagement of funds, misleading the public, and most of all, the mismanagement of the very planet we are trying to help. 

While lax or disorderly development of carbon offset programs may have the veneer of environmental awareness and action, any program not adhering to scientific standards ultimately is trading out the credibility and long-term benefits for short term action and profit-taking. This, in turn, tarnishes not only those projects but damages the reputation of all organizations that are dedicated to the highest standards of climate change work. Conversely, choice programs build trust when they build rigorous, science-driven carbon offset programs.

Carbon Credit Cart supports programs with proven oversight and due diligence. We support projects that are registered with respected greenhouse gas project registries, which require independent third-party verification, based on international standards and conventions. All the carbon credits available on the Carbon Credit Cart site are from registered bona fide projects.